About Open Engineers

Open Engineers was launched by First Impression Technologies on July 15 2012, with a mission to unite all Engineering graduates from Nagpur city under a single portal, so that they can learn more out of engineering effectively and help others to become a better engineer.

At Open Engineers, you can
  • Share Updates
  • Share College/City Events
  • Share your comments on other updates
  • Showcase your talent to all Engineers via the I Did This! Portal
  • View custom updates as per your requirements
  • and much more...

The best part about using Open Engineers is that it is built on an open networks philosophy, so whatever you share (may it be a update, a file, an achievement or an event) spreads instantly among all the Engineers on the website. Thus giving you the power to spread your ideas among Engineers in a very comfortable way

Once anything is shared, other Engineers can view it on their profile page;with proper selections, suppose you need updates only from a particular college, a particular branch, and/or a particular year, you can simply set a filter for the same. On doing this, we would only present you the content which you have selected, thus giving the control of your content in your hands

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